EffecTV: an old-school real-time video effect processor.


Me, waving my head around.


DiffTV highlights interframe differences.


The key controls are simple:

Key Result
C The difference tolerance is lowered. Smaller variations between frames will be highlighted. If the tolerance goes below 0 (any change whatsoever), it wraps around through 255 (all changes ignored).
V The difference tolerance is raised. Color variations between frames must be more significant in order to be will be highlighted. If the tolerance goes above 255 (all changes ignored), it wraps around through 0.

How to play

DiffTV highlights the areas of the video image that have changed between each frame. It was originally written as a quick and dirty analytical tool, but it passes the 'fun-to-look-at' test, so it has been included here. The tolerance level (currently the same for all three primary colors, although that can be easily changed) may have to be adjusted according to the relative signal to noise (SNR) ratio of the incoming video stream, especially if used on broadcast channels.


Sam Mertens