EffecTV: an old-school real-time video effect processor.


"The Author, Rev'd up"


RevTV acts like a video waveform monitor for each line of video processed. This creates a pseudo 3D effect based on the brightness of the video along each line.


Key Result
1 Decrease line spacing
2 Increase line spacing
3 Decrease "Gain"
4 Increase "Gain"
- Increase frame rate
0 Lower frame rate

How to play

Objects on simple backgrounds are nice, but experimentation is encouraged.

Background and Kudos

RevTV is based on an effect of the Rutt-Etra Video Synthesizer 1972.

The effect was originally done on the Rutt-Etra by analog means, deflecting the electron beam on a monitor using additional electromagnets on the yoke of a b/w CRT. Video was then recorded with a camera pointed at the deflection monitor. RevTV emulates one of its many effects, digitally of course. Unfortunately, some of the subtulties and beauty of the analog processing are lost in the translation.

Experimental tapes were made with this system by Woody and Steina Vasulka and Bill and Louise Etra, among others.

Note: The "Rev" in RevTV stands for "Rutt, Etra, Vasulka"


As a line is drawn across the screen, the y axis is re-computed and modulated vertically based on the luminance of the video signal.


Edo Tannenbaum