EffecTV: an old-school real-time video effect processor.


Slow, fast, slow, fast, slow...


SloFastTV plays back the current video input at non-constant speed: while the buffer fills the video is played back at half the frame rate, when the buffer is full it plays back at the double rate until it has caught up with the live video again. This causes the actual image to be delayed from 0 to about half a second. Movements that previously had a constant speed will appear very slow and then very fast.

How to play

Try making slow movements (so you don't leave the screen) with a constant movement rate. For example, try waving your hand slowly.


Video is recorded at full (when in "fill" mode) or half speed (when in "flush" mode) to a circular buffer of 8 frames, and played back at half (when in "fill" mode) or full speed (when in "flush" mode). When the circular buffer is empty, "fill" mode is activated, when the buffer is full, "flush" mode is activated.

Having up to two memcpy calls per cycle, this filter has almost no CPU overhead.


Erich Schubert (based on the nervousTV filter code by Edo Tannenbaum)