EffecTV: an old-school real-time video effect processor.


A test subject under magnification.


LensTV - Based on Old school Demo Lens Effect


Space bar toggles interactive mode

During interactive mode:

  • Mouse x/y movement with no buttons pressed moves magnifier.
  • Left button and y mouse movement controls size of magnifier.
  • Right button and y mouse movement controls magnification.

How to play

This works best in Fullscreen mode due to mouse trapping.

You can now read the fine print in the TV advertisements!


Adapted from "The Demo Effects Collection" 0.0.4 http://demo-effects.sourceforge.net/.

Ported to EffecTV BSB by Buddy Smith.
Ported from BSB to EffecTV 0.3.x by Ed Tannenbaum.
Interactive control added by Ed Tannenbaum.