EffecTV: an old-school real-time video effect processor.


Screenshot of RndmTV in B/W Screenshot of RndmTV in Color

"The Author, Rndmized"


RndmTV give you a noisy picture in color or B/W. Inspired by the old days when reception was poor.


Key Result
<Space> Toggle between color and B/W
- Increase frame rate
0 Lower frame rate


For B/W mode, the luminance of a source pixel is compared to a random value between 0 and 255. If it is greater than the random number, then the pixel is drawn as white. Otherwise it is black.

If SourcePixel > Random(255)
Then DisplayPixel=255
Else DisplayPixel=0

In color mode the same is done for the Red, Green, and Blue components of the pixel with full red, green, and blue (logical OR'd) applied to the display pixel depending on the comparison to the random value.

Please note: "Random" is used freely here in this description. I KNOW it's pseudo-random. No flames please.


Edo Tannenbaum