EffecTV: an old-school real-time video effect processor.




The origin of SimuraTV is "SimuraEffect", a VJ (Video Jockey) tool I made in 1995. Color effect and image mirroring are all of SimuraTV.


Alphabet keys controll the color effector, and numeric keys controll image mirroring. Color controlling:

Q, A, Zblue
W, S, Xgreen
E, D, Ccyan
R, F, Vred
T, G, Bmagenta
Y, H, Nyellow
U, J, Mwhite
I, O, P, K, Lunclassified

Each color effect has different effect level. For example, Q is weakest blue, while Z is strongest. (Bug: This key mapping is designed for US keyboard layout and does not reflect your keyboard setting.)


1no mirroring
2left based
3right based
4down based
5down left based
6down right based
7upper based
8upper left based
9upper right based

Using keypad is comfortable.

How to play

Play like VJ with techno music.

Type M with mirroring effect, then shoot the monitor with the video camera. It makes very complicated fractal image when you tilt the camera.


Kentaro Fukuchi


I would like to thank Ken Inoue, the author of "TV_TOWNS", a video effector software for Fujitsu FM-TOWNS.