• EffecTV runs on ARM-Linux, a Turkish engineer reported. (2006/8/16)

    Ali Utku Selen, a Turkish engineer, reported that he succeeded to run EffecTV on an ARM based board. "(snipped) everything works on a Intel (XScale) PXA 270 arm processor with arm-linux 2.4.20 and gcc 3.3.2" he reported. Besides he proposed "In fact I believe you should replace architecture requirements from first page with "Try and See" :)". Thanks Ali!

  • a bug fix patch released. (2006/2/16)

    Please download a bug fix patch for the latest release effectv-0.3.11. This patch fixes a memory problem of TimeDistortion.

  • version 0.3.11 has been released. (2006/2/14)
  • Oops, download links were wrong, now fixed. (2005/2/20)

    The links to the latest EffecTV source packages were wrong. Now they have been updated correctly.

  • Jarrell's EffecTV experiments (2005/2/16)

    Jarrell Pair released many video clips of experiments with EffecTV. If you have not seen EffecTV live visuals, those movies help you to understand what is EffecTV. Thank you Jarrell!

  • version 0.3.10 has been released. (2005/2/14)
  • This year Piksel workshop at Bergen, Norway, Oct. 30 - Nov. 7. (2004/10/24)

    Piksel is a yearly event for artists and developers working with Free Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) for realtime processing of video and sound. It will take place at BEK - the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art, in Bergen, Norway from October 30. to November 7. 2004.

    During this event many developers of open source realtime video processing softwares gather and have much talks, discussions, and performances. Kentaro Fukuchi will talk for an open workshop of EffecTV.

  • Tutorial in Portuguese is now available. (2004/7/15)

    Alessandro de Oliveira Faria wrote a tutorial in Portuguese. Besides, we added Documents / Articles section to links page. If you know any online documents about EffecTV, please let us know and we will add a link to introduce them.

  • EffecTV video clips by SUb_Multimedia are now available! (2004/1/20)

    Two "promotion video clips" made by SUb_Multimedia in 2002 are now available at Gallery. Enjoy them!!

  • version 0.3.9 has been released. (2004/1/13)
    • New effects: MatrixTV, PUPTV and ChameleonTV.
    • API of effect module has been simplified.
    • The supported version of vloopback has been changed from 0.90 to 0.91. Older version is no longer supported.
    • EffecTV can be launched from any effect you want. Put an effect name after the command name ("effectv") or option(s). It's case-insensitive, and a trailing "TV" can be omitted.
    • Some new features have been added to FireTV, BurningTV, RadioacTV and SparkTV.
    • PuzzleTV's block sliding effect becomes smooth.
    • Many bug fixes.
  • RIS in Tokyo autumn 2003 (2003/10/17)

    EffecTV installation presented by RIS at CPF STUDIO(Aoyama,Tokyo) in 16 - 19 Nov. See the web page for the details.

  • Installation at ASAGIRI JAM 2003 (2003/9/29)

    We had demonstrated EffecTV at ASAGIRI JAM 2003 at Asagiri-kougen, Mt. Fuji. We installed a bigger screen than one in Metamorphose, nearby the main stage. People enjoyed amazing realtime visual effect with beat from the stage. Especially, during Chemical Brothers' DJing, many people danced in front of the screen.

    [Main Stage] [Camping Area]
    [People playing EffecTV(1)] [People playing EffecTV(2)]

  • Installation at Metamorphose 2003 (2003/8/24)

    We had demonstrated EffecTV at Metamorphose 2003 at Mt. Fuji, one of the biggest rave party features electric music in Japan. This installation was a part of RIS, a project for Japanese visual artists to collaborate on visual art and technological field.

    [Installation] [Ravers play EffecTV]

  • BackStage Branch 20030214 has been released. (2003/2/14)

    St. Valentine's day gift from EffecTV is BackStage Branch snapshot! It includes GUI, OpenGL effects, preset system, etc. Please note that this release is early development stage.

  • Demonstration at LinuxWorld Expo/N.Y. 2003 (2003/1/19)

    In the next LinuxWorld Expo 2003(22-24 Jan.), Japan Linux Association will have a booth in .org Pavilion, and EffecTV team will demonstrate our realtime video effect processor at the booth. If you have never experienced EffecTV, this is the chance for you.

  • version 0.3.8 has been released. (2002/10/5)
    • New effects: BrokenTV and WarholTV.
    • The default v4l device file was changed from "/dev/video" to "/dev/video0".
    • The supported version of vloopback was changed from 0.83 to 0.90. Version 0.83 is still supported, but it is not recommended.
    • YUV422P and YUV420P format converter has been added to vloopback support.
    • vloopback support has been approved. FFmpeg has been supported.
  • version 0.3.7 has been released. (2002/8/9)
  • BackStage Branch 20020615 has been released. (2002/6/18)

    After a long interval, new BackStage Branch release is now available. It contains a lot of new experimental features - OpenGL, plugin mechanism, and of course, new effects. Some code are still out of date, but we'll fix them as soon as possible.

  • Gallery page has been updated. (6/10)

    Some snapshots from LinuxWorld Expo/Tokyo 2002.

  • Special Event TRASFORMATORIO in 31st at LinuxWorld Expo/Tokyo 2002 (2002/5/28)

    We are proud to announce our special live event "TRANSFORMATORIO". Media artists in Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and Tokyo are connected on the Net, and share their vision. See TRASFORMATORIO MANIFESTO for the details.

  • EffecTV Demo Event at LinuxWorld Expo/Tokyo 2002 (2002/5/22)

    We will produce an installation event at ".org Pavilion" of "LinuxWorld Expo/Tokyo 2002" (May.29 - 31). Mini live event by Japanese video artists, video clips from European artists, and of course the live demonstartion of EffecTV (PS2 included). See you at Tokyo BigSight!!

  • RPM package for PlayStation2 Linux has been released. (2002/5/7)

    EffecTV-0.3.6 RPM package is now available. See Donwload section. Please notice this package does not include ov511 modules.

    RPM package for PS2 Linux is also available at EffecTV for PS2 project page in PlayStation2 Linux Community page served by SCEI.

  • version 0.3.6 has been released. (2002/4/18)
    • New effect: RandomDotStereoTV.
    • NemoTV has been removed.
    • Video input tuning feature has been added.
  • NemoTV has been removed because of copyright violation. (2002/4/18)

    The original effect of NemoTV is "Time Stretcher" developed by Bill Spinhoven, and is showed in the NemoMuseum in the Netherlands. We received a mail from Bill, and he claims that NemoTV violates his right. We decided to remove NemoTV from EffecTV.

  • RPM package for PlayStation2 Linux has been released. (2002/4/3)

    An experimental RPM package is now available. See Donwload section. Please notice this package does not include ov511 modules.

  • version 0.3.5 is released. (2002/4/1)
  • Upgrade your glibc package. (2002/3/28)

    If you wondered vloopback feature didn't work, upgrade your glibc. Raw glibc-2.2.5 has a bug in function sigwait(), and it was fixed in Feb 17. Please install latest patch or package for your distro.

  • version 0.3.4 is released. (2002/2/14)
    • New effect: DeinterlaceTV and nervousTV.
    • Added 3 new mode to RadioacTV.
    • EffecTV 1st Anniversary and St. Valentine's Day special for DotTV.
    • Horizontal flipping crash bug was fixed.
  • EffecTV 1st Anniversary!! (2002/2/14)

    This St. Valentine's Day is the 1st Anniversary of EffecTV. I am very happy during this year with your mails, comments, bug reports and contributions. I would like to thank all of you. -Kentaro Fukuchi

  • version 0.3.3 is released. (2001/11/1)
    • New effect: VertigoTV.
    • EffecTV now supports PlayStation2 Linux Kit!
    • New option -palette was added for some USB devices.
  • version 0.3.2 is released. (2001/9/27)
    • New effects: DiceTV, RippleTV and CycleTV.
    • More YUV based format support(for video input) was added.
    • Some bugfixes, optimizations and visual enhancements.
  • version 0.3.1 is released. (2001/7/9)
    • YUV pixel format support was added.
    • Many bugfixes. More V4L devices now work.
  • version 0.3.0 is released. (2001/6/10)
    • New effects: NoiseTV, AgingTV, LifeTV, SparkTV, HolographicTV, WarpTV and TransformTV.
    • Capturing size and screen size now can be set freely. New option -size, -geometry, -scale were added. -double and -hireso were removed.
    • Various pixel formats of captured image were supported.
    • Autoplay mode was added. (EXPERIMENTAL)
    • Video loop back support was enhanced (EXPERIMENTAL). EffecTV now can be chained!
    • Horizontal flipping mode was added (press TAB key).
    • Fullscreen mode toggle key (ALT+Enter) was added.
    • Frequency table for South Africa was added.
    • Many bug fixes.
  • version 0.2.0 is released. (2001/3/27)
    • New effects: EdgeTV and ShagadelicTV.
    • Some effects are fixed up to work with USB cam.
    • Video loop back device is supported. You can record or broadcast the images from EffecTV now.
  • version 0.1.6 is released. (2001/3/21)
    • New effect: SpiralTV(by Sam Mertens)
    • TV tuning is now supported.(by Matthias Kleinmann)
    • Names of BaltanTV and StreakTV are exchanged. Sorry for confusion.
  • EffecTV is now SourceForged! (2001/3/6)
    • EffecTV project page is started. The CVS tree of Backstage Branch(experimental branch) is available.
  • version 0.1.5 is released. (2001/3/6)
  • version 0.1.4 is released. (2001/2/20)
    • Many bugfixes: wrong file name, wrong error messages, wrong initialization,...
    • double buffering mode works fine.
  • version 0.1.3 is released. (2001/2/18)
    • New effect: PuzzleTV and PredatorTV.
    • New option: -norm for changing video norm.
    • Fixed a bug in Makefile.
  • version 0.1.2 is released. (2001/2/15)
  • version 0.1.1 is released. (2001/2/14)

Copyright (C) 2001-2006 EffecTV crew.