EffecTV: an old-school real-time video effect processor.


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"PUP" comes from "Partial Update". As the name implies, PUPTV updates certain part of an image from the input every frame. The technique of partial updating is used by 1DTV already, but PUPTV has various "update patterns" and the result are very different from 1DTV.

Every update pattern has its own parameter. Basically it is the number of pixels updated at a frame. You can increase or decrease the parameter by pressing <Insert> or <Delete> key.


1Horizontal PUP
2Vertical PUP
3Diagonal PUP
4Dissolution PUP
5Random PUP
6Raster PUP
<Insert>Increase the parameter.
<Delete>Decrease the parameter.
<Space>Refresh the screen.


Kentaro Fukuchi